CHILL Re-Opening Today

CHILL, a sports bar located on Main Street in downtown Grapevine, at the corner of Dallas, is re-opening after change of ownership, style and overall appearance.

Earlier this week I had noticed the sign, which was hanging in front of the establishment and said, “Opening mid-October”, was removed.  We had also seen small gatherings of people in the outdoor patio for the past several days, so I decided to stop in yesterday evening and get the story on what exactly what happening.  Turns out they weren’t open quite yet, but they are planning to officially open today, the 22nd, with a Grand Opening Ceremony tomorrow night.

When I stopped in last night, the front door was locked, but a gentleman was sitting alone on the outside patio.  I inquired with him and he told me the open date was Friday the 22nd, and I asked if the owner was available for a few questions.  After waiting for a very short time, I was greeted by Murdock, one of the co-owners.  I could tell they were busy with setup for the big day, so I quickly told him who I was, mentioning this blog and our desire to post about his establishment.  He was very nice, and even though busy, offered me a tour of the restaurant so that I could see all the changes.

The new look is different than the old one.  There are 24 plasma TVs hanging through-out the entire area, new tables which are barstool height with 4 chairs around, re-painted jet-black ceiling and the carpet was removed completely, leaving a concrete floor which was refinished and painted.

The restrooms have been expanded and updated completely, giving the Ladies Room a larger area with more facilities, and the Mens room a fresh new location.

The back room now sports an extra bar with full service and a few more TVs.  Speakers in the ceiling allow for the crowd to still hear the live music from the front room, but it will be somewhat more quiet for those who want it.

The entire establishment is now non-smoking.

Happy Hour will be all day Sunday and Monday, as well as Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-7pm.

I could type another several pages in this post, but I plan to re-visit the restaurant today or tomorrow, so I will be making some more posts over this weekend.  I might even stop in for Happy Hour on Sunday 🙂

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh, this is great news – I’ve been waiting impatiently to see what was about to happen there. I saw the “reopening mid October” sign so I knew it was coming soon.

    We’ll have to stop in over the next few days and check it out. Thanks!

  2. Jape says:

    We ate there last night, I will be making another post about it today. But yes, it seems like it is going to be a great place to hang out.

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