CHILL’s First Night

Luckily for the new owners, The Rangers and The Yankees duked it out in game 6 for their first night of business.  The crowd at Chill this night wasn’t the largest I had ever seen, but it was definitely a full house for Chill.  For their first night of being open, and without very much external advertising that I am aware of, it was quite a night for them.

The room was loud like a sports bar normally is, but the game volume on the many TVs around the room was very adequate.  The night air outside was nice so they had the doors open to the outside patio, where they had another bar setup.  A friend and I enjoyed a cigar on the patio during the game, but Chill didn’t have a patio TV setup yet.  They tell me that they plan to have one soon, though.

For dinner, I ordered some of their Buffalo Wings, which I love.  Chill makes all their own wing sauces in-house, so I had to try them.  I ordered the “Emergency Room” flavor, which is supposed to be their hottest one.  While I didn’t think the name “Emergency Room” applied to their heat, the wings were very good, with a tasty flavor which did have some spice to it.  I like very spicy food, so it is often that I find food advertised as spicy when it really isn’t. These wings had a good spice to them, however, and I look forward to having them again in the near future.

The waitress we had was a bit slow, but I somewhat expected as much on their first night, especially with the crowd size.  Murdock, one of the owners that I spoke with the previous night, was helping the wait staff, amongst other things.  I saw him bring drink orders to a couple of tables, and he stopped by our table to say hello and also to check on our orders.  It was nice to see the owners helping out where needed.

I’ll post more about Chill later on this week, as I plan to be re-visiting them several times in the near future.

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  1. Cigars says:

    I am sad they took out the cigar-friendly atmosphere indoors. I know that you can smoke outside, and that is fine, but it is quite unusual for a bar on Main St in Grapevine to not allow smoking of some sort. But hey, to each his own… doesn’t change my desire to go hang there and have a beer outside to smoke. I’ll be back 🙂


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