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The first time I went to Flips Patio Grill was shortly after it opened (replacing the former Tony Roma’s) and I was, to say the least, underwhelmed. I had what I later described to several people to be the “most forgettable chicken sandwich” I had ever eaten. There was nothing really wrong with the food, just nothing really right either.

I didn’t go back for quite some time. Then early this summer, some friends from Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers wanted to go there after a run because they had a patio and the weather was quite nice that day. My first reaction was lukewarm, but I went along, happy to go wherever the group was going. Well, I am very glad I did.

I had a black bean burger that was simply delicious. I love black bean burgers despite being an omnivore, but find very few places that serve them. The patio was casual and comfy and the service was great. I have been back a few times since then and enjoyed the hummus, quesadillas, and sliders. They also have entrees such as grilled or blackened tilapia, grilled shrimp, or boneless chicken breast if you want healthier options. Come to think of it, those are options that probably appeal the most to people after a workout.

I definitely recommend Flips now, whether you are post-run or out on the town for the weekend, and have to wonder why it took me so long to “get it.”

Flips is located at 415 W. Hwy 114 in Grapevine and you can visit their website here. I also just noticed that you can sign up for coupons via email and I will definitely be taking advantage of that.

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