GCISD high school girls redefine beautiful

Recently, some girls at Colleyville Heritage High School decided they wanted to get back to basics and keep it real.

The Redefining Beautiful student club is made up of girls who have pledged to go to school without makeup one day a week to emphasize that beauty is more than skin deep and that natural is just as beautiful as full-on glamour.  The club was organized in the early days of the school year and have signed up more than 180 girls who also wear matching T-shirts each week in a unified display of their views. 

I love this because these girls are helping others to realize that it’s OK to not hide behind a mask and that no young woman should worry about being seen with a clean face.  We put so much emphasis on appearance these days and it’s so refreshing to see this kind of perspective. 

Students at other local high schools have expressed interest in following suit and before we know it, there might be Redefining Beautiful clubs all over the Metroplex.  Now, that would be a beautiful thing.

More info can be found at the article here.

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  1. What a great idea for those girls to do such a thing…and it’s really quite mature for them.

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