Double Trouble – Double the Distance, Double the Fun!

Those of you who are runners no doubt spend many weekends engaging in a little friendly competition at the races.  Whether you’re in competition to win your age group or just in competition against yourself, there’s nothing like that last dash towards the finish line.

This Saturday, October 9, come out to Lake Grapevine for the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers’ 11th annual Double Trouble race.  This race includes a 5K and a 10K, which are started far enough apart that runners can participate in both races.  It’s a great deal as you can do either race for $20 or both for just $25.  Instead of a T-shirt (do any of us really need more of those?) all participants get a great mesh bag with the race logo on it. This is sure to be a useful piece of schwag.

You can register online or also at the race site on race morning.  Click here for more details.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am doing this race and have done it a couple of times in the past. Well-run and a good price for what you get. 2 races for basically the price of one.


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