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One of our favorite wine bars in Grapevine is Into the Glass, located at 322 S. Main St.  They are right next door to a related wine store, cleverly named Off the Vine.

Into the Glass has a great selection of food from light to hearty.  We normally go and get a couple of tapas-type plates to share, but have on occasion ordered a full meal.  The roasted garlic/goat cheese crostini is amazing, as is the sausage plate and stuffed mushrooms.  The cheese plate or antipasti platter are both always a nice idea with wine.

Their “bigger food” as the menu refers to it, is just as good.  The Mom’s Meatloaf which I had with gorgonzola grits was heavenly, although quite a lot of food, but I didn’t mind as I then had the next day’s lunch all taken care of.  I also had fried okra on the side which was excellent.

Many of their foods are comfort food with a unique twist, such as the gorgonzola grits mentioned above and also horseradish mashed potatoes, smoked turkey melt with tapenade, and grilled shrimp BLT.  I have actually never had any food at Into the Glass that was not just simply amazing.  I’d love to eat my way through their entire menu.

Oh, I almost forgot – the wine.  This is a wine bar, after all.  Into the Glass has an extensive wine list which is divided into categories such as “luxuriant,” “bewildering, ” and “inquisitive.”  I don’t know what those really mean, but it is quite original.  Each category has a half dozen or so wines within it and the waitstaff are happy to make recommendations.

The thing I like most about Into the Glass is that it is so cozy and friendly.  It feels like a real neighborhood place, and like the type of place you would find in Europe where people sit shoulder to shoulder and don’t mind a bit.  The vibe is truly something special.

Now that I’ve written this long descriptive post about Into the Glass, I think I know where I’ll be for dinner TONIGHT!

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh, I *love* Into the Glass! I wish I could afford to be a regular there; they are a little pricey but for a special treat, so worth it.

    They have live music sometimes as well…


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