Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers

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North Texas is a great place to be outdoors and get fit. Sure, the summers can be steamy (and the winters cold at times), but overall the climate is pretty darned decent. And what better way to get fit than with a group of people who share your passion for your chosen sport?

If your sport is running (or walking), you should check out Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers (sometimes better known by a shorter name, LGRAW). This is a running club with several hundred active members of all ages and abilities. Some are ultramarathon maniacs, some are casual medium-distance joggers, and some are walkers who like the opportunity to get some good exercise and visit with friends. Ages of members range from barely walking to well into the 70s. Whatever your pace, whatever your age, whatever your ability, you’ll find a place at LGRAW.

And that doesn’t even touch on what great friends and support you’ll find there. The club is a great community of runners/walkers but more importantly, of PEOPLE. Even the most shy of newcomers (like me!) will take no time at all to fit right in.

LGRAW has weekly Saturday and Sunday morning runs at their clubhouse on the shores of Lake Grapevine. Check out their website for all the details on that and more.

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