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I know I posted about Cork It! just a week ago when we enjoyed an evening there followed by a showing of Star Wars at the Palace Arts Center, but with this being Friday again, I thought a post on the regular special events at Cork It! would be in order.  I receive their newsletter via email (you can sign up on their website) and it’s a source of great info on one of my favorite places for food and drink.

  • First, if you’re lucky enough to work in Grapevine or close by, they have lunch specials every Tuesday through Saturday from 11-4.
  • On Sundays, they have many of their menu items for half price as well as half off draft beer and house wines.  We have spent a couple of Sunday afternoons enjoying the patio and some nicely discounted food and wine.
  • Wednesday nights are wine tasting paired with food.  We have not been to this yet (actually tried to this week but they were all booked – a great sign in my opinion!) but will go soon and post about it separately.  This week’s theme was “Merlot vs. Malbec.”  Since we are lovers of both merlot and malbec, I was sorry to miss it, but I’m sure the future Wednesdays will be stellar as well.
  • Live music on Thursdays and Fridays – lineup posted on their website
  • Finally, like most everywhere, they have happy hour from 4-7 (4 to close on Mondays).

Of course, none of this mentions what is one of my favorite things about Cork It! – their prepaid cards that you use to order tastes of wine.  It is great fun to just wander around and pick whatever you want and pour it yourself.

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  1. Joe T says:

    Do they still do the deal where you have to buy some sort of card that carries credits or dollars on it? I know they changed names, but am hoping they changed procedures as well.


  2. emily says:

    Really the only thing that has changed is the name. Same owner, same menu, same process for the tasting with the prepaid cards. From my understanding they simply decided to discontinue their affiliation with Tastings so they could have more flexibility.

    What were you hoping had changed? I’m a huge fan of the tasting card. I wish more places had a similar setup.

  3. Joe T says:

    Successful businesses make the money part of the transaction as frictionless as possible. When you add layers of friction, you lose sales. In this case, the prepaid cards are the added layer of friction.

    The cards remind me of having to buy tickets at Grapefest. Why do they make you do that? Part of the reason is there are always unused tickets left over. The prepaid cards are similar.

    BUT, I could very easily be in the minority here. 🙂

  4. emily says:

    I don’t disagree with that philosophy but I don’t see the prepaid cards as friction. On the contrary, I think they are the opposite. I’m much more likely to spend more money in one evening, and perhaps more importantly return to spend money another day, when I can help myself to what I want and pay for it with the swipe of a card. Suppose there was a bar that allowed you to buy tastes of wine for which you had to ask the bartender and have them added to your tab. I’d be less likely to partake of that. It’s more hassle for me – the cards make the transactions pretty much hassle-free.

    I figure the tickets at Grapefest as well as the State Fair and other venues are to ensure that as few people as possible handle cash (the accountant in me recognizes this as a financial control), but obviously the breakage always works in the event’s favor. I’ve heard people comment before on the inevitable breakage on the prepaid Cork It! cards but that is only true if you never return. We just keep reloading our card. 😀

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