Cork It!’s First Annual Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Dinner

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with food, family & friends, and relaxing.  And, of course, some football.  We are having a very nice holiday and enjoying some downtime from work.  One of the highlights of the long holiday weekend was attending the first annual Thanksgiving wine tasting dinner at Cork It! As many of you may know, Cork It! has wine tasting dinners every Wednesday evening.  This week was a special Thanksgiving-themed dinner featuring traditional Thanksgiving food paired with 5 different wines.

The dinner itself included turkey, gravy, dressing (NOT stuffing; we are in the South, people), mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole:

Dessert was pecan pie; one of my many favorite Thanksgiving desserts.  Yes, I have many favorites:  pecan pie, pumpkin pie, coconut pie, chocolate fudge pie….But I digress.

The wine selections included two whites, two reds, and a port for dessert.

The Cork It! staff spent a lot of time throughout the dinner talking with us about wine, explaining the selections, answering questions, and generally being delightful hosts.  I would really like to return on another  Wednesday to try another of their events.  This one was $25 since it was a special event, but most of the time the Wednesday tasting dinners are $15, which is not a bad deal at all for a dinner that includes wine.

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