Cotton Patch Cafe partners with Veterans Helping Veterans

Cotton Patch has always been one of our good old standbys.  Yes, it’s a chain, but still home cooking.  It’s very near where we live so we often drop in for a quick dinner and somehow it always relaxes me.  There’s just something about that chicken fried chicken, fried okra and fruit cobbler.  Or, if I want good comfort food without guilt, the veggie plate (aka the Wabbit Platter) is very tasty.  I usually go for a baked potato along with some broccoli, baked squash and sauteed mushrooms, or perhaps instead the cinnamon apples if I want a little something sweet.

Now, Cotton Patch has just elevated itself even higher on my list with its new program, partnering with Veterans Helping Veterans.  The first Tuesday of every month, Cotton Patch will give 10% of its sales to Veterans Helping Veterans, and there will also be items to bid on at the restaurant with the proceeds being donated.

Tonight is the first Tuesday of the month so go to Cotton Patch and show our veterans your appreciation!  Three cheers to Cotton Patch for their participation and help!

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