Farina’s Winery

We’ve been to Farina’s Winery before a few times now, and it seems to grow on me more each time.  I think it took them a little time to find their groove, but it’s now a place I’m happy to return to time and again.

Tonight we decided to keep it light with just a couple of appetizers.  The artichoke/spinach dip is terrific served with pita wedges.   (Of course, who doesn’t love this dip?  I would eat it anywhere).

We also had the cheese plate which came with crackers, grapes, olive tapenade, and basil aioli.  I believe the cheeses were Gruyere, gouda, havarti with dill, and something with hot peppers.  At first I thought it was pepper jack, but it was a stronger cheese than Monterey Jack.   At any rate, my favorite was the Gruyere on a cracker with just a bit of the basil aioli.


And of course, we each enjoyed a glass of Grenache along with the food.  We got lucky; happy hour ended at 6:30 and we got our order in about 6:25.  The wines are normally $9 and up but happy hour price is $5.  Happy hour is good on everything except  Champagne and a few other specialty wines.  Though Farina’s is a winery, you can also order beer there if you’re so inclined.

On other trips there, we have tried a few of the sandwiches (the muffaletta and Italian sausage sandwiches are quite good) as well as the chicken Marsala.  I will say that I don’t care much for the Greek salad.  It had quite a vinegary taste, which is unfortunate since I usually love Greek salads.

I look forward to going back and probably trying the pizza next time.  They have great options for pizza including the ability to build your own.  I’m thinking artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese.  Mmmmm…….Also the pizza is half price during happy hour.

Farina’s is located at 420 S. Main Street in Grapevine.

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  1. Alex says:

    I’m a fan of Farina’s pasta options- lasagna, pizza and such. And yes, the happy hour is a good deal.

    We ate there during Grapefest and it was definitely a better option than the carnival-type food out on the street.

  2. Suzanne Rainwater says:

    We visited Farinas based on recommendations from a friend and because we had purchased a Groupon. We were unimpressed. Every dish we ordered (lasagna, marsala, etc.) was covered in the same red sauce. The food at Olive Garden is better. Ambiance is nice, but not worth the price.

    • emily says:

      I did find it unusual that the chicken marsala had a red sauce. I mentioned that in another post about a subsequent visit to this one. I have to say I don’t prefer that style.

      I have to disagree, though, that Olive Garden is better. I mean, if you aren’t into red sauce – Olive Garden built their house on a foundation of red sauce.! 😉 I can’t even be bothered to eat there with the other hometown Italian options we have.

      Like I mentioned above, I too was less impressed on my first visit, but Farina’s grew on me. I recommend going during happy hour when the pizzas are half price. They are quite tasty and you can try them out at that time and get a very good deal.

  3. Donna says:

    Try the pizza and build your own for sure, it’s always tasty. If they have it I suggest a bottle of Nexus


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