Grapevine Beer and Wine

One of the greatest selections of specialty beers that I have found in this area is right here in our own backyard.  Grapevine Beer and Wine, located at 2100 W Northwest Hwy, on the corner of Park, is a small store, but they really pack-in the selections you can make.  Every time I stop in, the owner is waiting behind the counter and ready to help me find what I need.  And if I can’t find it?  He orders it for me and has it delivered within 24 hours.  I recently purchased a new keg for my home kegerator and not only did they order and have it in within 24 hours, but they beat the price of the huge liquor store in Ft Worth that I normally have to drive to, just to find kegs.

The service is friendly and helpful, and I challenge you to find a better selection of specialty beers in Grapevine.  Their wine selection is good also, although with the choices we have in Grapevine, I can’t really promote them as a large selection.  However, on the same principle, if Grapevine Beer and Wine doesn’t have the wine you want, they will order it for you.

Stop by and check them out, and tell them that sent you over.

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