Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange

This is the time of year that we begin to hear a lot about various charities.  It’s United Way time at work, everyone wants to help out someone less fortunate for the holidays, and many people are thinking about year-end donations.  But there’s an important and valuable charity right in our back yard and I love the idea of helping out close to home.

Grapevine Relief and Community Exhange, also known as GRACE, provides help to people who are financially in need or have had a personal emergency and need assistance.  GRACE is a coordinated effort of churches, businesses and individuals, all working together to help those in need.  It began in 1987 and has grown its services to include food, housing, clothing, medical needs, and other immediately-needed assistance as well as job skills and other help intended to transition recipients to become self-sufficient.

There are many ways that we can become involved with GRACE and give back to the community.  Volunteer opportunities are available, donations of cash, goods, and services are appreciated, and GRACE also has a resale shop, the proceeds from which help fund operations.   More information on their holiday needs and assistance provided can be found here.

GRACE is located at 610 Shady Brook Drive in Grapevine and their website has a lot of additional information on how you can help.  Now, this is the true spirit of the holiday season!

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