Messina Shoe & Boot Repair

I took some shoes to Messina Shoe & Boot Repair in downtown Grapevine last week to get some work done, and was quite happy with the results.  I have a pair of boots that I have had for 13 years, and they have seen better days, but I love them so much that I can’t give them up.  The people at Messina were able to repair the wear on the heels as well as buff and polish them to get rid of a lot of scuffing on the toes.  They look remarkably good for their age and wear and look MUCH better than when I took them in.  

I also took in a pair of knee-high boots that are a little snug the calf area to get them stretched, and that did not go as well (still too tight), but they agreed to stretch them again for no additional charge and hopefully that will do it.  I am to pick them up later this week so I will see if the work is as good as on the other pair.

I paid about $26 for both pairs which I did not think was bad at all.  Certainly a great deal compared to replacing the boots, especially the older pair which probably can’t be found in stores anymore anyway.

Messina Shoe & Boot Repair is located at 320 South Main Street downtown.  I would recommend them to others and have some other shoes to take in to them soon.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I have been to this place a few times in the past; agree that they do good work at a good price. And I love the idea of keeping the business local. 🙂

  2. Cigars says:

    Hey thanks, I have some repairs that need to be done, so I will check this place out. I’ve seen it several times, but never walked into the store. Nice review.


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