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Snooty Pig is actually not my very favorite breakfast place in Grapevine in terms of food, but it is always a solid choice, very close to home, and the service is terrific.   The owner at one time lived in our neighborhood and is a really nice guy, and remembers us when we come in the restaurant even though he moved away several years ago.  All of the staff are very friendly and helpful as well.

They serve breakfast and lunch, but we usually go for breakfast (or really brunch as on the weekends when we go there it’s often coming on to noon).  I like the ham scrambler (as the name would suggest, scrambled eggs with ham) which is served with hash browns and a side of fresh fruit.  Their omelettes are also quite good.   The chicken fried steak is not particularly special (seems to be frozen rather than made from scratch), but if you are a fan of steak at breakfast you will enjoy it.  Here is a pic of yet another item, the migas, with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, corn tortillas, onions, and peppers.  It’s served with fruit and hash browns.

If you go at lunch, their sandwiches are on homemade bread which is tasty, and served with either fries, fresh fruit or soup which is a nice variety of options.  They have a daily lunch special Monday-Friday which is 5.95; quite a good deal for a sit down lunch.

I particularly love how their children’s menu is referred to as Snooty Piglets Menu.  Cute!  😀

Snooty Pig is located at 4010 William D. Tate in Grapevine, off Hall-Johnson next to the Tom Thumb store.

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  1. Anna says:

    We live in the area and go here often on weekends as well. I would highly recommend it.

    One thing I would not recommend is their lowfat muffins. I stopped in to pick up one before work one day and was not impressed. But maybe that’s what I get for not eating a “real” muffin – LOL!

    It’s a nice, casual place and pretty quick to get in and out.

  2. Ate there a couple weeks ago, it was veyr very good. Anyplace with the name pig is sure to attract a bbq guy like myself.

    PS: love your blog as a long time grapevine resident
    Jason BBQ
    Grapevine Texas BBQ


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