Big Fish

We have eaten at Big Fish several times and a few days ago stopped in again to enjoy their food.  Big Fish has some seafood, some Cajun food, and overall a lot of good food.

Most all of their appetizers are tasty including the calamari, crab cakes and seafood quesadillas.  The clam chowder and gumbo are both highly recommended, and they have some good salads – so overall starters are a solid choice and we often order several to share and just snack on those rather than a “full” meal.

If you are hungrier, they have a good selection of seafood which can be ordered grilled, fried or blackened.  In addition to the regular menu, they have daily specials.  There are several choices of sandwiches and po’ boys as well as pastas.   I am not personally a fan of crawfish, but for those that are, this is a good place to get it (or so I am told by those in the know).

I rarely have room for dessert, but how can you go wrong with bread pudding with whiskey sauce, or key lime pie?  Big Fish also has a full bar and happy hour specials.

When we venture to Main Street for dinner, we often end up at Big Fish.  You should do the same.

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