Buon Giorno coffeehouse

We recently stopped in to Buon Giorno coffee house for some of their live music.   That night was the Robert Gotcher band.   We had mentioned here that their show was upcoming.

We had been to Buon Giorno before but not for quite a while and I was impressed to see that it was a happening place on a Friday night!  It was quite full and we had to sit at the bar at first although we were able to snag a nice couch seat after being there for 15-20 minutes.  We had their Italian Mint coffee (with amaretto and peppermint) and a hot apple cider.  Delicious.   I also got a chocolate chip shortbread cookie which was quite large and I took most of it home to save for later.

The music was really good and we will definitely check them out again (They have played at Farina’s and other venues around town as well).  Personally I thought it was a bit loud for a coffee house gig, although in a bar or club it would have been fine.  In a coffee house I like to chill a bit more and have conversation.  Still, I enjoyed it.

I look forward to another visit to Buon Giorno to check out some more live music and sample another drink.  I’m not a coffee drinker so maybe the caramel apple cider next time, or a chai tea latte.

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