Favorite breakfast places

One of the great things about Grapevine is the abundance of great restaurants, including great places to go out for breakfast.  We’ll review all these in detail later (in some cases we have done so already), but here is a quick run down with some brief comments on each:

Biscuits Cafe – Probably our favorite breakfast place.  Everything has been fantastic.  Omelettes are stuffed with great fillings (we are partial to the chorizo omelet which includes avocado, Jack cheese, sour cream and salsa), pancakes are light and tasty, and the hash browns are nice and crispy but cooked on the grill, not deep fried, so they are not too greasy.  What else – Oh, how could we forget the biscuits!  Hello, they’re in the restaurant’s name, and for good reason, as they are huge and fluffy and delicious.

Old West – This place just opened last summer and we have been a couple of times since then.  The reason we do not go more often is that it is just so crowded, the wait for a table is very long and there is not enough space for those waiting, so it gets a little awkward.  However, the food is very good and with that many people trying to get a table, they must be doing something right.  I particularly enjoyed the almond-crusted French toast.

Snooty Pig – Our personal go-to place, largely because it is so convenient and the food consistently good, and the service as good as it gets.  We reviewed Snooty Pig in this post here.

Macy’s Cafe – We have been here just once and it was pretty good, although since it is farther away for us than any other breakfast place and we like the food better at some other places, I am not sure how frequently we will go back.  We posted a review of our visit here.

Main St Bread Co – I have not actually eaten here, but it gets recommended so often that I felt compelled to include it.  We will probably give it a try sooner or later, although since they are primarily a bakery and I like my protein in the morning, I am not sure whether it will become a favorite.  I can see that they have some egg and meat dishes but the emphasis seems to be on the pastries.  However, I will suspend judgment until I actually do visit them.

Bayley’s Cafe – This place did not impress me.  It was recommended by a friend and the location is pretty convenient so we stopped in.  It was almost empty on a Sunday morning about 9:30 so that should tell you something.  The interior is pretty dingy (I remarked that it looked like I did the decorating and I am a terrible decorator!) and several tables looked dirty although it was not like the waitstaff were all that busy.   The food was not too bad but overall it was just not the relaxing experience you want for breakfast out on the weekend.  We may go back to give them one more try and at that time write up a more detailed review, but with all the great breakfast places in town, I am not inclined to go more times than that if the second visit is like the first.

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  1. Amy says:

    My favorite of all these is probably Biscuits as well.

    What about Original Pancake House? Give them some love!

  2. K2 says:

    Haven’t been to any of these places. My favs are Los Amigos and Burritos Locos Taqueria. For a traditional American breakfast, I like Waffle Way. A good oldfashioned inexpensive diner-type breakfast at it’s best but don’t expect much for ambiance and they’re closed on Sundays.


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