Fellowship of the Parks

There are some great churches in Grapevine, and we’ve yet to write about any of them, but no better place to start than our own church home.  We’ve been attending Fellowship of the Parks for about a year and a half and not a week goes by that something truly awesome doesn’t happen.  It’s a small church family (currently about 250 in attendance each Sunday) with a lot of caring and heart.  We are really blessed.

Services are very casual, with most people dressed in jeans or similar and a band that has as current a sound as any church that we’ve been in.   It’s easy to know most everyone and people are so friendly and welcoming that you would definitely want to.   With the church still being fairly new, there are plenty of opportunities to serve and getting involved has definitely helped us get to know others on a very personal level.  The church has home groups that meet weekly (called LifeGroups) and we are blessed to lead a group of young couples that we have really enjoyed spending time with.

Like most churches, FOTP is having Christmas Eve services and it would be a great place to celebrate with fellow believers.  Services are at 5 and 6:15 p.m., so there is plenty of time to get back home to spend time with family.  Fellowship of the Parks is currently in the planning stages of a permanent facility and so is sharing space now with the Faith Christian School building at 729 E. Dallas St in Grapevine.

If you are looking for a church home, this would be a great place to spend time with fellow believers and see some real love and support.

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  1. […] Fellowship of the Parks church in Grapevine is hosting an Easter service at O’sheas Pub and Grill, located at 310 Grapevine Hwy in Hurst.  This is right on the Colleyville/Hurst border, up 114 from Grapevine. […]

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