Grapevine Yoga

I’m more of a runner than anything, but yoga is a great physical activity as well and is especially good to balance out all the intense cardio some of us do.  For strength training, stretching and flexibility, it’s a key activity to include in your routine in some form.

Yoga is available at many gyms basically for free if exercise classes are part of the membership.  That’s fine and I often go to yoga at my gym, but an actual yoga studio is definitely a step above that.  I have been to Grapevine Yoga before and would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking a good place for yoga.  They are very laid back and welcoming, and there are a lot of choices of classes to fit everyone’s needs.

Grapevine Yoga is located at 213 W. Wall Street, just off Main Street (just 1/2 block west of the Ole Grapevine Cigar & Tobacco Co).  Cost ranges from $12 to $18 per session depending on how many are purchased at one time.  Private sessions are also available.

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