Make your own glassblown ornament

Has anyone been to Vetro Glassblowing in downtown Grapevine?  I’ll confess I have not, though I have driven by and thought “I should check that out” about a hundred times.   Well, right now they have something that definitely looks worth checking out.

We’ve probably all had experiences with those ornaments where you fill metal frames with chunks of plastic and then bake them in the oven to make stained-glass looking ornaments.  Right?  (Or was that just me and I had a very interesting childhood?).  Well, this is so much better.  Vetro Glassblowing is having several classes during the holiday season where you can make your own glassblown Christmas ornament.  Cost is $25 and you get to choose the colors and help apply them to the glass, then watch the artists finish your ornament.   See the Events Calendar for dates and times; there are many opportunities throughout December.  But don’t delay; it’s 10 days till Christmas!

Vetro Glassblowing is located at 701 S. Main Street.  You can visit their website for more information on these classes and much more, or become a fan on Facebook.

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  1. Ron says:

    Wow, this is a fantastic idea! I might head over there this weekend, I have often seen their signs on Main Street while driving by, but I never knew exactly what they did here. Thanks for this post!

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