More good press

Grapevine is just getting so much media love these days!  I just posted about a nice article I found in the Dallas Morning News, and now D Magazine has a great write-up on the shopping in downtown Grapevine.  So nice to have Dallasites inspired to visit us and support the local economy.  (And also nice to have Grapevine shopping talked about in terms other than Grapevine Mills, which is all well and good, but let’s face it, downtown is where the character is).

Among the mentions:  Vetro Glass Blowing studio, which we just wrote about as a matter of fact, Off the Vine (one of my favorite wine stores here), Gypsy Warehouse, and Coyote Cowboy (because what would a Grapevine shopping experience be without a little “yeehaw”?).

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