Rubber Stamp Festival

Any scrapbookers in the house??  I’m sure in Grapevine there are plenty.  In my circle of friends, you can hardly move without bumping into one.  Creativity is alive and well here!  I’m too left brain for that to be one of my talents, but I’m in the minority for sure.  There’s an event upcoming which I’m sure will be like nirvana for all you scrappers.

The Rubber Stamp Festival, sponsored by Heirloom Productions, comes to Grapevine on January 8-9.    Admission is $6 in advance or $8 at the door.  Of course, that doesn’t begin to touch what you could spend once you get in.  From what I understand, scrapbooking is quite the investment!

See this link for more details on the event.  In addition to festival admission, there are also classes that require separate registration but which include admission to the festival.  Note that Grapevine is the only city in Texas they are coming to, and also note that January will not be their only visit as the festival will return in July.  Are we special or what?  🙂

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