Some good local press

The Dallas Morning News had a really nice article on some of the Christmas activities around Grapevine.  It’s always nice when our bigger neighbors to the east or west shine the light on what a great place Grapevine can be.  We appreciate the good publicity!  Maybe some Dallasites will come check us out because of this article.  I’ve noticed that people come to town from all around for certain local fun things like Grapefest and the trains; hopefully that will expand more and more into other activities.  It’s great to have a lot of visitors!

Some mentions in the article:

  • Palace Arts Center, which we’ve written about several times.
  • Christmas Light Show Spectacular
  • Christmas wine trains
  • Shopping at Grapevine Mills and of course on Main Street
  • Some of our great restaurants – Tolbert’s, Tap-In, Wilhoite’s, Big Fish, Main Street Bread

There’s also a nice section on transportation including where to find free parking (blessedly plentiful here), and the Grapevine Visitor’s Shuttle.

Thanks to DMN for making us look good!

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