Burger Island

I know that Burger Island is technically in Colleyville, but considering it’s just a stone’s throw from Grapevine, and considering how tasty their burgers are, it seems appropriate to give them a review.

On this most recent visit, I decided I wasn’t all that hungry and recalled that they had a Junior Burger on the kids’ menu.  Some places are picky about letting adults order off the kids’ menu (major fail as if they do that, they should also offer smaller sized “adult” portions but they never do).  Burger Island isn’t picky; she immediately told me no problem.  I went on to ask if I could have guacamole added to my burger and she asked if I wanted the kids’ size of the normal guacamole burger.  Well what do you know; that was exactly what I wanted!   So simple and I don’t know why some other places make it hard.

Here is Jason’s normal sized burger:

Does that look tasty or what?  It takes a little time to get your food at Burger Island because everything is made to order.  As my mother is fond of saying, “They don’t start without you.”  The grill in the back is full of burgers and the smell of them all sizzling away is awesome.

The fries are something I’m quite torn on.  They are fresh cut and remind me of fries I’ve had at Mooyah and In-N-Out Burger.  They are tasty and fresh, but at the same time, I’m quite fond of really crispy fries.  However, generally you only get super crispy fries at places that get them from a box in the freezer.   So, you can’t have everything.  Overall I’m happy with their fries.  I’ve also ordered onion rings in the past which are good, and on this visit I noticed that they now have sweet potato fries.  Those are never a bad option.

Burger Island has some fairly normal burger combos such as the bacon burger, mushroom burger, and guacamole burger; and they also have some more unusual ones such as the Jungle Burger (jalapenos, hickory sauce, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a whole host of other toppings).    If you want some non-beef options, they also have turkey and veggie burgers.

Burger Island has some of the better burgers in an area with several options for really good burgers.  I recommend you check them out.

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