Free Wifi available throughout downtown Grapevine

I am really excited about this.   This week the wireless network in downtown Grapevine was completed and now free access will be available to anyone with a wireless enabled computer or smartphone in the downtown area along Main Street  There are some businesses that have it available already but now we will be able to get online from anywhere downtown.  Check out some more details in the story here.

We’ve also compiled a list of a few local businesses that have free wireless internet.  Like many people, we are on the go and online a lot of the time. It’s nice to be able to multitask and go somewhere that has good food and drinks while also being able to get some work done.

Buffalo Wild Wings – 1525 William D. Tate.  We end up here very often, since the food is fairly cheap and tasty and the service is friendly.  I particularly enjoy watching a game on one of the many TVs while checking out online commentary.

Buon Giorno Coffeehouse – We’ve written about Buon Giorno before and in addition to having great coffee, other treats to snack on, and live music, they also have free wireless internet.  2350 Hall-Johnson Road.

Boomer Jack’s – Technically this is not in Grapevine, but this is really our go-to place.  The service is as good as anywhere and they have a good variety of tasty food and $2 beers all the time.  A great place to work OR play!  It’s particularly nice on the patio even if the weather is less than stellar, since they have fans for when it’s hot and heaters for when it’s cold.

You can also check out Wifi Free Spot for listings of free wifi locations throughout the country.  I’m not sure how up to date it is (it includes Cowamongus which closed a LONG time ago) but it can be a useful list at least for a starting point.

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