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We’ve been meaning to do a review of Old West Cafe for quite some time.  The food is truly excellent, and the only reason we don’t go more often is that the word has spread about how good the food is, and there is always a line out the door at our normal “go out to breakfast” hour.  We’re not out and about particularly early on weekends (though I am usually awake, thanks to our furry, four legged “children.”).  Today was a good day and we were up and around early enough to get there by 8:30 which is a much better time to visit.  If you go to Old West, I strongly recommend not sleeping in too much.

I had the almond-crisp French toast, which I seem to order every time, as it’s so tasty that I keep thinking about it until the next time I can eat some.  It’s very light and very crispy on the outside with a cornflake/crushed almond crust.  It comes topped with bananas and usually has whipped cream, but I ask them to leave off the whipped cream since it’s already sweet enough.  I don’t need much syrup either; just a tiny drizzle for maple flavor.  This dish comes with 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon or sausage and is a hearty meal but not an unreasonable amount of food (I always manage to finish it).

Jason chose the chicken fried steak which is his usual standby when going out for breakfast.  This turned out to be a lot of food and two people could easily have shared it (We took home the leftovers).  Look how we couldn’t even get it all in the picture!  The steak seemed to be homemade and had a nice crispy breading and tasty gravy, and it came with three eggs and two sides (he opted for toast and hash browns).

We have always been happy with the service here.  The food comes out remarkably quickly and you get plenty of attention with drink refills and such.  Everyone is friendly and laid back and the vibe is definitely one of a roomful of happy regulars getting their weekly fix of hearty breakfast.  I told Jason that was what I wanted to do when we retire in about 20 years…sleep in and go out for a great breakfast on a regular basis.

Old West Cafe has not been open very long but I think it’s a great addition to the already above average Grapevine breakfast restaurant scene.  They are also open for lunch but we have yet to try those menu options, though they are extensive.

Old West Cafe is located at 600-A W Northwest Highway in Grapevine.

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  1. Unhappy Customer says:

    Living in grapevine for many years then recently moving to another city kind of made me home sick. My family still lives in grapevine so when they told me a new cafe opened up I had to try it.
    I went to Oldwest Cafe on 12/12012. My wait time was estimated at 25 minutes by the hostess, no big deal. My seat time ended up being 45 minutes. The restaurant was crowded, more so then then the fire department would allow. But being my first time there I thought I would stick it out.
    We took our seats and was greeted by our waiter, Darren, he immediately mocked my boyfriend wheny boyfriend has request a straw for his tea. We were both puzzled.
    When Darren took our order, I ordered the oatmeal, I requested that it be made on the thicker side since I did not like the runny type of oatmeal. He immediately responded with “we are not a made to order restaurant. We serve food in the masses, to the masses”. I have never been told that by any restaurant server. I said ok well if its runny put it in the microwave. He said they make theres on the stove and did not microwave it. I have up. I’m not going to argue with someone who refuses to make their client happy, especially when they work on tips. My meal was horrible and I could not even it it all.
    My boyfriend askes for his hash browns to be cooked well done, Infact, crispy. The waiter accommodated saying they had a button for that. What he got was a lot of greasy sliced up potatoes.
    When checking out, still with the room filled with waiting customers to be seated, I was given an option to leave a tip. The minimum was 20%. Call me old fashioned or cheap but bad service does not constitute a 20% tip in my book. I asked the lady who was checking me out how to write in my own amount. She told me I couldn’t.
    I left the undeserved 20% tip and will never return.
    Please beware of this bad waiter!
    Unhappy Customer- Stephanie

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