It’s high time we did a review of Tolbert’s.  I’ve been eating at Tolbert’s since the mid 1990s when they were located in downtown Dallas.  At the time it was a favorite lunch spot for my office crowd.  These days, they’ve relocated to Grapevine and we are loving it.  I guess I could say they are following me around DFW.  Ha!

Tolbert’s is always happy to have crowds and I am often there with a big group.  Their philosophy seems to be, the more the merrier.  We get great service regardless of how challenging waiting on our table might be.  Lots of appreciation to the waitstaff who do such a good job.

I’m a big fan of their sour cream chicken enchiladas.  This isn’t something I order often when I’m craving Tex-Mex, but Tolbert’s does it well enough that I keep coming back for more.  I also enjoy most all of their sandwiches.  They also have some options like chicken fried steak/chicken fried chicken, pot roast, and the “slim pickens” chicken breast which is served plain with hickory sauce (For the health nuts!).

Chicken fried chicken sandwich:

Slim Pickens chicken breast:

Okay, now for the not so good news.  This may get me excommunicated from Grapevine but it has to be said.  Tolbert’s is supposed to be famous for their chili.  It may be famous but I can’t figure out why.  I am a lifelong Texan and believe me, I have eaten a lot of good chili in my life.   Tolbert’s chili does not impress me.  I don’t dislike it, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

However, if less than stellar chili is all that I have to complain about, I think we are doing pretty well continuing to give Tolbert’s plenty of business.  They have live music just about every night and we have enjoyed some good bands there.  With a big, festive group the music is a great addition to your dinner experience.

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