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If you are like us, your pets are your babies.  When our babies are sick or need medical attention, we don’t hesitate to take good care of them.  One of our dogs had to have surgery for two torn ACLs awhile back.  Expensive and a lengthy recovery, but we would never have considered not doing it.  Anyway, with three of our own “furbabies,” we frequently have the need to visit a veteranarian.  I would highly recommend ours, Towne Center Animal Hospital, to anyone.

Located at 5604 Colleyville Blvd, Suite H (in Colleyville, across from Market Street, phone # 817-485-0757), this is a family run business and they know their customers and patients well.  Dr. Correll has taken great care of our pets and his family (wife and 3 kids that I have seen) help run the practice and are just as compassionate and caring to animals.  We have referred quite a few friends there and every one has been very impressed.  I feel much better, especially with two of our three getting up there in years, having good medical care for them right across town.

Also, when Alaska had to have her aforementioned surgeries, we went to Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas, which has several locations in the area, the closest being right here in Grapevine (2700 W. Hwy 114).  We were referred there by Dr. Correll and the surgeon and other staff there took great care of Alaska and her legs have healed perfectly.  This hospital is open 24 hours so if we have a late night emergency in the future (which has happened in the past), we will go there.  It’s very comforting to know a good emergency pet hospital is only a few minutes away. 

Who couldn’t love these faces and want to take the best possible care of them?   🙂

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  1. Amy says:

    We have been to Dr. Correll with our cat as well. I agree; highly recommended.

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