DFW Connector perspective

The Courier had an interesting, if not groundbreaking, article on the effects of the DFW Connector construction on local businesses and sales tax revenue.  As expected, there has been some disruption of accessibility to a number of businesses along the several miles of Hwy 114 currently under repair, and of course there is likely to be some inevitable loss of sales and by extension sales tax revenue to the city.  It’s too soon to quantify yet, so this may all be just speculation, but it’s reassuring that the contractors are making efforts to do as much work as possible during off hours and to accelerate the timeline to finish as soon as feasible.  They have also been good about getting alerts out related to days/hours of highway closures so residents can plan accordingly.

Of course, four years is still a long time to have the highways disrupted, by anyone’s standards.  It remains to be seen what the overall impact will be, but I’m of the mind that it will be much less painful than many other major construction projects.  (Anyone remember the Central Expressway/Hwy 75 construction in Dallas in the mid 1990s?  I sure do, and it wasn’t pretty).

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