Restaurant health inspection scores

We post frequently about restaurants and many times those posts involve reviews of our visits, but this is a little different.  Tarrant County has a searchable database of restaurants where you can look up health department inspection results and scores.  I wouldn’t necessarily look up these things before I visit every restaurant, but if I have reason to wonder, then it’s very easy to look up the details.   You can find the database here.

It is particularly interesting to see the progression of scores over a period of time.   Inspections from the last 2-3 years are available so you can see if a favorite place is getting better or worse as times goes on.  I searched for a couple of my favorites, Baja’s Mex Grill and Amore’s Pasta and Pizza, and was happy to see they are in good shape currently.  (Interestingly, though, Baja had a questionable score about 2+ years ago, but since then has been much better, so I’m guessing management got the message loud and clear).

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