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We often stay in on Valentine’s Day, preferring a low-key evening to a crowded night when everyone else in town also wants to go out to dinner.  However, this year we made an exception since we were in the mood for a nice dinner out.  Silver Fox did not disappoint, although to be fair, I prefer them on a non-holiday evening for a few reasons.

Our reservation was at 5:30, which needless to say meant the usual crowds hadn’t materialized yet.  I felt a little like a senior citizen eating at that hour on a Monday, but it was worth it to have some elbow room.  We were seated right away and given an explanation of their limited menu for the holiday.  We had already decided to try the Couples dinner which was a choice of III Forks salad or seafood bisque, steak and lobster, and a chocolate dessert.  We were given the wine list and asked the server to give us a minute to decide.  A minute turned into 10-15 minutes and I was starting to wonder where she had gone, but we generally aren’t too impatient with that sort of thing so it was not a big deal.  Still, it was a long time by most people’s standards to have our drink order taken.

Both the soup and salad were delicious as was the loaf of hot sourdough bread.  Here is our main course with the steak, lobster, and sides of sugar snap peas, mashed potatoes (check out that lump of butter melting there!) and creamed corn:

The steak was excellent as were the sides.  The lobster I wasn’t as big a fan of; the taste was good but it seemed a little overcooked.  I wouldn’t order lobster there again, though I’d be happy to return for the steak.

The “Chocolate Lovers Dessert” turned out to be a five layer creation including a cakelike bottom (it resembled German chocolate cake), a layer of dark chocolate mousse, a layer of milk chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and shaved white chocolate on top.  Sadly, the picture I took did not turn out so I can’t share its beauty with you, but it looked and tasted amazing.

We have been to Silver Fox once in the past and enjoyed it a bit more since they had the full menu.  They have a “seafood medley” appetizer which has a crab cake, shrimp cocktail, and one other item which is very tasty.  They also have a good range of pork, seafood, lamb, and vegetarian dishes if you’re so inclined.

As we were leaving, there seemed to be only one valet working and he gave us our keys so we could just go get our own car.  That was….odd, but we didn’t mind too much.  Generally I prefer to park my own car anyway but most upscale places just simply don’t allow it as an option.

All in all it was a very nice evening; the food for the most part was great although I am sure prices were at a premium given the holiday, and the service was excellent.  Very attentive and appreciative of our business.  It’s not my favorite nice place in town but it’s worth a return visit.

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  1. Ron says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while now, but the prices just seem too high for me. If you think its worth a visit then perhaps I will take the plunge eventually, but it seems your evening wasn’t 100%, even if you weren’t disappointed yourself. With those prices, it just seems like you should be able to have your cake and eat it too.

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