Snow in Grapevine!

In case anyone hasn’t looked out the window yet today, it is snowing in our city.  The precipitation started early this morning, around 4am I believe.  It came down mostly as sleet and ice, and was loud when hitting our front windows of our house.  It woke me up around 4:15am, but I am not sure how long it was coming down before that time.

Around 8am this morning I got out of bed and walked outside to take some photos:

This is the front of our house.

I also took a trek up to the Euless Target at 121 and Glade Road.  The roads were pretty slippery.  I didn’t see any accidents in the 4 miles round trip I made, but I did see several  “stuck” vehicles at the bottom of some inclines streets.  The one on Glade, just South of the Lowes, was the worst.  Thankfully, by the time I was returning home from Target, the city had sanded the area.

Our trash service usually comes on Tuesdays, but hasn’t shown up today.  I am guessing they are taking the day off, but we might see them later on, not sure.

We’ll be updating this blog over the next few days, while working from home ;), so be sure the check back.  I’m interested to hear any news also from you readers, so please comment if you see something interesting that pertains to the weather.

Be safe!

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