Top 5 choices for Valentine’s Day celebration

You didn’t think we would forget, did you?  I’m excited about all the options Grapevine has for a special occasion meal.  It’s not too late to make reservations (if you even need them – to me, some of the best places are those you don’t have to reserve your spot for, but just show up!).

1.  Into the Glass.  We love this place and reviewed it in detail here.  They have a special Valentine’s Day menu with a six-course meal (wow!) with wine pairings, flowers for the ladies and a few surprise extras.  It’s $95 per person, which is fairly steep, but if you are looking to splurge, the food and wine here should be amazingly good.

2. Dino’s Steak and Claw House – We went here as part of our (after) Christmas celebration and had such a good time, we might well go back for Valentine’s Day even though it’s been less than 2 months.  There were so many dishes on their menu that I wanted to come back and try, that this might be the perfect opportunity. 

3.  Cork It!, normally has weekly wine tastings on Wednesdays, which we’ve attended a few of and found them to be fun and tasty, not to mention educational.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, next week they are having a tasting that night.  I can all but guarantee the food will be really tasty, the wine a great complement, and the atmosphere dark and romantic.

4. Ferrari’s Italian – Their special Valentine’s Day menu is here and includes choices of antipasti, pastas, main courses, and desserts (including sweetheart cheesecake for two or cherries Jubilee which is finished tableside!).

5. Silver Fox Steakhouse – I’m so impressed that we have several great steakhouses in a relatively small community like Grapevine.  Silver Fox was a great choice when we treated our in-laws to a special anniversary dinner not long ago.  I’m thinking we might have to go back to celebrate Valentine’s Day now.  They have a special menu for that night, $130 per couple which includes a 3-course menu of:  III Forks Salad or seafood bisque, filet mignon accompanied by lobster tails, and Chocolate Lovers Dessert.

I also feel that I must give honorable mention to my old favorite, Amore’s .  If you want cozy but not fancy, with great food and service, go to Amore’s and you will leave happy.  The food is a great deal so you can splurge on a great bottle of wine to bring with you to celebrate.  Especially as cold as it’s been, baked pasta sounds amazingly good.  I can also promise that their cheesecake is some of the best you will ever taste.

So tell me, where are YOU having dinner on Valentine’s Day?

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