Winter Storm Warning Part III

Is it part III? I’ve lost track. In any event, as we all know, in the next several hours we are expecting yet another round of freezing rain and/or snow. Yes, we only just thawed out (for the most part) from last week and are about to be at it again.

Here is a link to some information on the requested power conservation over the next day or so.   If we all do our part to conserve energy, maybe we can avoid the rotating power outages (as I was informed is the correct name for “rolling blackouts” which was the term I used last week).  I was cheered to see that they recommend you set your thermostat below 68. I tried to keep mine at about 63-64 last week so it doesn’t look like I need to make much in the way of adjustments.  I will try to keep power use to a minimum during the daytime peak hours.  Maybe I should go ahead and do a load of laundry tonight and make sure to run the dishwasher, so I’ll be set for a while.

We may update this post in the event more information comes forth about power supplies, road closures, and other aspects of life affected by the winter weather.

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