Buffalo Wild Wings

Since our resident Buffalo Wild Wings was closed recently for some renovations, we paid them a visit to check out the new digs. 

It’s a nice look.  The walls are darker and it’s a cleaner look, and there are a lot more TVs.  Also some of the walls appear to be moved a bit and the main part of the restaurant (outside the bar) looks bigger and more spacious. 

They still have the same great food.  I can’t ever go there without some of their potato wedges, with the tasty Cajun seasoning, which with melted cheese and dipped in ranch dressing are sooo good.  This is also just about the only place I will eat wings.  I’m not much of a traditional wing person, but BWW has some sauces that are a little different and very tasty.  My favorite is the spicy garlic.  Jason is partial to the Caribbean Jerk or Asian Zing.  Sometimes Wild if he wants more heat.  Much of the time in this family, the hotter the better.  😀

Many in our circle of friends often come here for the 45 cent wing Tuesdays (When this little tradition started, it was 35 cent wing Tuesdays.  Inflation!).

Their salads aren’t too bad either if you’re in the mood for less grease.  The Grilled Blackened Chicken salad in particular is tasty and reasonably healthy. 

We really like the setup they have with the free wifi and often come here with the laptops to chill out, have a few snacks and drinks, and get some work (or play) done.  The only complaint I have in this area is that they should have added more electrical outlets in their booths for this purpose during the remodel.   Overall though, BWW continues to be a favorite go-to place.

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