Grapevine Farmers’ Market to open April 7

We have missed the Grapevine Farmers’ Market during the long, cold winter and thankfully its hiatus is just about over.  It’s great fun to explore the different vendors’ offerings on a lazy Saturday morning downtown (They are open Thursday-Saturday, but there’s just something about a weekend stroll through the farmers’ market).

They are looking for vendors at the moment so if you have wares to sell, drop them a line.   If you are just an impatient customer waiting for the first day to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and much more (see their pages on vendors and growers), then there are only a couple of weeks left before you can indulge.  They open for the season on April 7.

Yet another sign of spring in Grapevine!

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  1. Christi says:

    Cannot wait for the Farmers Market! You’re right, there’s something extra special about strolling through downtown for fresh produce as opposed to Tom Thumb! I’ll be there April 7 for sure!

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