Italian food and classic 80’s movies

It was yet another fun Friday night in Grapevine last night.  We had been planning for a while to go see Return of the Jedi at the Palace Arts Center.  We also went to the first two Star Wars movies they showed there, a few months ago, and saw no reason not to make it a trifecta.  After all, there are always great deals to be had with food as well on those nights, so you get a great evening for very reasonable prices.  And it is in Grapevine.  What’s not to love?

We went downtown about 6 p.m. and headed into Napoli’s Italian Cafe.  They were offering 25% off all food with tickets to the evening’s movie across the street, and we have been there before and always enjoyed the food.  We decided to split a combination entree that had pasta with spinach, chicken and alfredo sauce, a small serving of lasagna, and a small serving of chicken parmesan.  It’s pretty common for us to do that, because those types of combination items are fairly large servings and a good variety, so perfect for sharing.  I didn’t get a pic of the dinner plate because I guess I was so hungry when it came that I just dug right into it, but I did get a pic of the Italian wedding soup that came as a starter.  Yum.

I would have loved to have tried the Italian cream cake as it looked amazing (another benefit of sharing entrees – more room for dessert!  Hee), but we had a movie to make it to.  So we walked across the street and it’s a good thing we had the foresight to buy tickets before dinner because there was a pretty good crowd of people at the ticket window.  Our tickets were in hand so we just walked right in.

It’s so much fun to be in a classic retro theatre.  One of the best parts compared to today’s multiplexes – no commercials!   We saw a few people we knew and waved hello, and before we knew it, it was time for the movie to start.  As with every other time we’ve been to a movie in this venue, the place was packed.  We were glad to have gotten there shortly after 7 (1/2 hour early) to get a good seat.

Most everyone in there had seen the movie countless times before, of course, so there was lots of cheering at all the good parts (blowing up the Death Star, Darth Vader throwing the emperor down the energy shaft), and we felt cozy and at home.  After the movie was over, we treated ourselves to a stroll up and down a few blocks of Main Street before calling it a night.

I love how every time a movie is shown at the PAC, it’s a huge event and a packed house.   Plenty of neighbors out there supporting the local arts!  We look forward to the next time, which as it happens is less than a week away now.  Next Friday we can enjoy a showing of The Wizard of Oz.  Look for a post with those details early next week.

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