Major issue on Hwy 114 yesterday

Many of us were aware of the major accident on 114 yesterday between Texan Trail and 121 (and, if we were very lucky and/or paid good attention to alerts, avoided it).  There was more information and a longer story in the newspaper today.

A truck jackknifed after accidentally striking one of the concrete crash cushions, rupturing a fuel tank.  Fuel then spilled across the highway and caught fire.

We’re all very fortunate (the driver most of all!) that there were no injuries, no other cars involved and the fire was put out very quickly.  But the highway was shut down for hours while crews cleaned up the spilled fuel.

I received an alert about this incident from DFW Connector and so was able to avoid the area during my commute home.  Yet another reason to subscribe to the alerts and get good information in a timely manner.

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