Parks and Recreation news

Grapevine recently hired a consulting firm to propose a new master plan for the parks and rec department.  The first draft was made available last week and looks to have many solid thoughts and plans on long-term improvements for the city’s parks and related areas.  Many city leaders and residents were interviewed during the process of developing these plans.

The biggest priorities in the plan are improvements to the Community Activites Center and Senior Activities Center, as well as improvements to local trails.  As a frequent user of local trails for running, I consider this welcome news.

A more controversial item included improvements to Meadowmere park along the shore of Lake Grapevine.  While improvements would make the park a great site for recreation and for residents’ use, some felt that further development would be environmentally concerning.  I look forward to hearing more on this item in the coming weeks and months. Personally, I think that with the draw of people to the Grapevine area from surrounding communities, development at city parks is a positive direction for the city to go.

More details are available at the news story here.

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