The long-awaited opening of Pluckers Wing Bar is now behind us, and we were interested to go check out the newest occupant of the building that in the past has housed at least two Mexican restaurants.  We hope that this newest resident will have some staying power.

The interior is very nice-looking, with clean and simple wood furniture and lots of natural light.  There were plenty of TVs, as one would expect in any sports bar.  There is also a very classy patio outside which might become a favorite spot to hang out in the nice weather that we’re just now beginning to get.   I’m a little puzzled why they have a high fence around the patio, as that might cause folks to feel a little claustrophobic, but I assume they didn’t consider the highway to be an optimal view for their customers.

We started with the fried pickles which I’m told are a must.  I love fried pickles anyway, so there was no twisting my arm!  These were very tasty, light and crispy and were in spears rather than chips which is a little unusual. They are some of the better fried pickles that I have tried.  I forgot to take a picture before I had cut the spears in half and we had each eaten a half, but this gives you the idea:

We then moved on to the main event – Wings of course!  Jason ordered five each of the Dr. Pepper sauce, medium wing sauce, and Cajun rub.  The Dr Pepper sauce tasted unmistakably like its namesake soda and the medium sauce had a nice kick to it but we have definitely tasted hotter wings.  It was just enough and was quite tasty but if you want real spice, definitely go hotter.  Neither of us were too fond of the Cajun wings; I think they would have been better with a Cajun sauce rather than a dry rub.  Boomer Jack’s definitely does Cajun wings much better.

I ordered the boneless “wings” with the spicy ranch rub.  I put “wings” in quotation marks because these were not anything resembling wings; rather they were chicken strips/chicken tenders.  It was quite a large serving; I ate 3 out of 5 of them.  It is served with your choice of several sides and I do like having options available.  I had the corn on the cob, figuring that with the pickles and wings I had enough fried items for one meal.  I did really like the spicy ranch flavor and our waiter suggested that next time we might try the spicy ranch sprinkled on an order of fries, which you can do for a small upcharge.

I am a little bit on the fence about Pluckers overall.  It’s certainly got a devoted following and there are a lot of reasons why.  It’s a nice looking restaurant, very clean and the staff are definitely on the friendly (sometimes even over-friendly) side.  But some of the food we really liked, and some we were only “eh” about.  Honestly, at this point, I prefer Buffalo Wild Wings across the way, but we’ll return to Pluckers and give it a few more tries before forming a final opinion.  Speaking of BWW, I do wonder if three wing places (Pluckers, BWW, and Hooters) all within a stone’s throw of each other can survive, but time will tell.

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