Amore’s – another great meal

We headed out to Amore’s last night for the latest of many delicious Italian dinners.   I tell you, I have never tasted anything there that I didn’t love.  We had the pleasure of introducing two other couples to one of our favorite restaurants.  The six of us had a fantastic time and closed down the restaurant, leaving at 10 minutes to closing.  Not unexpectedly, there was no pressure to leave so they could clean up (and we also arrived a few minutes before the others and they had no problem going ahead and giving us a table).  I would never stay at a restaurant past closing and inconvenience the staff, but to feel like we could just sit and talk and relax with no one minding a bit, was really great.  We didn’t even have wine on this particular visit and still lingered at the table almost three hours.

I had the chicken marsala which I don’t think I had actually tried before.  It was very good but I think the chicken carciofini is still my favorite.  Jason had the lobster ravioli, which was stuffed full of seafood and served with the “pink sauce” which is a cream sauce with just a bit of tomato.  They were also happy to go “off menu” with others at the table and serve chicken piccata (only veal piccata is on the menu) and pasta with chicken, vegetables and pink sauce.  Again, this flexibility was so not surprising.

A long relaxing Friday night dinner with friends at your favorite little Italian family restaurant – does it get any better than this?

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  1. Marty says:

    Amore’s is probably the restaurant we frequent the most, as it is conveniently located, BYOB makes it extremely affordable, and they treat you like family. One time I left my beer cooler there, and upone returning the following week, they served it to me complete with my cold beer still in it, as they’d kept it in the cooler until I returned. We’re there a couple of Friday’s a month, and sorry that we missed you on that particular evening.

  2. emily says:

    I am so glad the club introduced me to Amore’s. Who knows how long it would have taken me to discover it?

    We are always up for joining people there – give us a call next time you head that way. 🙂

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