Grapevine restaurant industry going strong

This isn’t really news to most of us who live here and are out on the town and seeing all the activity, but the Ft Worth Star-Telegram had a really nice article today about the Grapevine restaurant industry and how it is booming despite economic times not being the best.

Many of us have noticed construction going on in front of Fireside Pies on Main Street.   Soon there will be Winewood Grill (American food) and Mi Dia  (Mexican) in that space.  Winewood Grill sounds interesting but I am not sure about another Mexican place.  It will have to be unique to succeed; there is no shortage of good Mexican food in town.  We will try it out and see.

I’m also a little unsure about the Pappadeaux being planned.  We like Pappadeaux just fine, but there is one not far away in Bedford.  I’m not sure this one is far enough to draw people who wouldn’t go to the Bedford location otherwise, but time will tell.

I always like it when Grapevine gets good press, and this time for good reason.  We really enjoy all the choices in town when it comes to eating out.  Being a two-income family, we eat a fair number of meals out due to time constraints and love how many great options there are.

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