Great spring weekend for patios in Grapevine

It’s been gorgeous weather here in Grapevine, and the past few days we have taken FULL advantage.  It’s been more busy and stressful at work lately than normal, and so more than ever, we put a high value on weekend downtime.  This past weekend, we enjoyed several patios in Grapevine and the surrounding area.

Friday, it was Cork It!, where we so often end up.  Chardonnay and “Napa Valley” pizza (artichokes, feta cheese, and pine nuts).  Yum!  Also, I’ve noticed we always seem to end up at this same table.  It’s in the perfect spot to watch the sunset and catch a little breeze without *too* much wind.  Their prices on wine are a little high, even at happy hour, but I usually don’t have more than one glass, so I don’t mind too much.

Saturday night, it was Snuffer’s in Southlake.  Southlake Town Square was definitely hopping but we were lucky to score a big outside booth for us and a few friends.  There’s just nothing like Snuffer’s cheese fries. Luckily for me, I eat them only about once a year.  Everything in moderation, right?  A far cry from my early twenties when I spent many a weekend night at the original Snuffer’s on Greenville in Dallas.

Today after church, it was Pluckers patio.  I must say that Pluckers is growing on me and I’m glad we went back a few times after our first visit (during which we were a little underwhelmed, but perhaps it had been built up too much by others).  My “Big Easy” sandwich (grilled chicken with Cajun seasoning) was very tasty and I have to say I highly recommend the substitution of sweet potato fries for regular fries. We enjoyed the Rangers game on one of the many flat screen TVs on the patio and were happy to see the Rangers add to the win column. (Although I must be cursed because I always seem to miss the big plays when we are out and about watching games. We walked out of the restaurant and I turned on the radio immediately when I got in the car. In that 1-2 minutes, Ian Kinsler smashed his two-run homer).

All in all a terrific weekend to be out and about. Hopefully we’ll have more than a few more of these before the summer’s intense heat takes hold and makes us run for air-conditioned cover.

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