Renata Salon and Day Spa

I paid my second visit to Renata Salon and Day Spa over the weekend and it was the perfect way to wind down and relax after a hectic week.  It’s been so busy these days at work during the week, that on the weekends I’ve tried to make more of an effort to really clock out and enjoy being at home and around town.

Renata is located in a super charming old house at 244 E. College Street, just off Main near downtown.

I got there a few minutes early for my massage and they offered me a drink while I filled out a couple of forms (including giving them my email address where they could send specials and deals, and my birthday which I hope will mean I get a special treat – and furthermore it’s only a couple of weeks away!).  They took me right upstairs and into the room; here you can see my bellini on the little table.  So refreshing and tasty!

The room was small and cozy and of course had relaxing music and the table had a pretty cover on it; perfectly in keeping with the house itself.

My massage was as good as any I’ve had before, or better – I very nearly fell asleep on the table (Of course, maybe that was the bellini – ha ha!).

I know a number of people who are regulars here and you can definitely tell who are regulars when you are inside; the staff treat everyone like old friends but particularly the people who go there often.  If I was a lady of leisure (I’m not) or independently wealthy (also negative), I could see finding an excuse to stop in here just about every day.  As it is, I’ll have to limit myself to the occasional treat to help relax and refresh.

I would definitely recommend Renata to anyone looking for a great day spa experience.  They have a wide variety of services and the personal attention you get is just fantastic.

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