Wings and baseball

A few days, ago, we ventured out again to the Pluckers patio to have some food and drinks and watch the Rangers game.  I must say that Pluckers is really growing on me.  They have a really nice patio with TVs around the edge of the fence. 

I’m a fan of the ” Big Easy” sandwich which is grilled chicken with Cajun seasoning.  The sweet potato fries are quite tasty and I tell myself that they’re healthier than regular fries.  Aren’t they?  As you can see, the amount of lettuce you get with sandwiches could choke a horse, but that’s OK.   I don’t typically like lettuce on my sandwiches anyway so I always take it off.

Jason goes with the old standby of wings just about every time.  What can you expect – it’s a wing bar after all.  We’re determined to eventually try all the flavors. I can’t remember what flavor these are, but I think my favorite so far is the spicy barbecue. 

We had some drinks too.  It was a hot day.  🙂

Considering we’re big fans of wings AND baseball, we’ll be spending more time at Pluckers in the weeks and months to come, I think.

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