Don’t talk/text and drive in the DFW Connector

Well, we would all be well advised not to talk or text and drive anywhere.  But in a construction zone, it’s clearly a much bigger issue.  Traffic is heavy and speeds vary widely, lanes change and merge on an ever-changing basis, and construction workers are everywhere.  Seems like common sense.

However, the Ft Worth Star-Telegram/Colleyville Courier reports that according to a recent study, one in every eight drivers in this area are using their cell phones – and that’s just the ones where the person is holding the phone and the use of the phone is clearly visible.  Imagine how many others might be using hands-free devices and are just as distracted.

The study speculates that the high number of drivers using cell phones might be due to the area’s proximity to the airport, and many people may be checking the status of flights or connecting with family or friends after arriving on a flight.  Regardless, it’s clearly safer to take care of those tasks while the car is not moving.  I travel quite a bit and have noticed that in many other states where cell phone use while driving is illegal, airports have special cell phone usage areas for cars to park.

I drive through the DFW Connector every day, since I work in Dallas, and I don’t even like to change the radio station while driving through the narrow, crowded lanes.  Using a cell phone, either to talk or text (personally, I think texting is worse, since the driver’s eyes are constantly averted from the road)?  No, thank you.  I’m not a heart surgeon; whatever conversation I might want to have, can wait a few minutes until I get off the road.

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