Amateur Photographer Photo Contest

If you’re an amateur photographer, or an advanced amateur with dreams of professional photography, Grapevine has a great upcoming contest where you can show your talents.  From now until July 25, entries are being accepted in the 3rd annual Amateur & Advanced Amateur Photography Contest.  Photos must have been taken in the city of Grapevine (Obviously!).

There are several categories:  Black and White, Insects and Wildlife, Landscape and Flowers, and City Views.  Cost is $12 to enter and $8 to enter in an additional category.  Those age 16 and over can enter in the Advanced Amateur category if they wish – these entries are judged separately.

There will be an awards reception at the Lancaster Theater on August 14 from 2-4 p.m. and the winners will be announced at 2:30.

Visit to register or call 817-410-3470 for more information.

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