Groupon – Palio’s Pizza Cafe and Palace Arts Center

In case you do not receive the daily emails from Groupon, you should check out today’s Ft Worth offering which is $10 off $20 at Palio’s Pizza Cafe.  Today’s Dallas offering is a $7 for a $15 ticket to the Grapevine Opry at the Palace Arts Center.

We have actually not yet been to Palio’s, I’m sad to say, but what a perfect excuse to give them a try!  I’ve bought my Groupon already and am looking forward to using it.   They only allow one per person, but from what I have heard about Palio’s, it will be good enough to go back and pay full price anytime.  We will go check it out and report back.

As for Palace Arts Center, that is a place we know and love.   I look forward to checking out the country music showcase one day soon with this great deal.

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