Palio’s Pizza Cafe

This past weekend, we ventured out to yet another new (to us) Grapevine dining spot.  I have been wanting to try Palio’s Pizza Cafe for quite some time.  We have a group of friends who go there pretty regularly and somehow have never been around on those nights.  I decided on Friday that we had waited long enough.

There are several nearby locations of Palio’s.  The Grapevine one is located at 1000 Texan Trail, near the Vineyard Steakhouse and also not far from the Gaylord Texan.  It’s a nice cozy space, very casual and homey looking.

I don’t often eat salad when I go out for pizza, but I felt like one that night and so I ordered the Greek salad.  It had tasty fresh veggies and plenty of feta cheese and olives.  The only thing I didn’t love were the sundried tomatoes, but I’m a little particular about not wanting to eat sundried tomatoes.  The viniagrette was just right and the salad was a nice size, more than I could eat by myself and I think it would be great for sharing.  They had several other salads as well that looked good.

Palio’s has a better than normal selection of pizzas; some really interesting-sounding ones like “The Mediterranean,” “The King,” and “The Scorcher.”  You can also build your own pizza from the available toppings, so you can pretty much have whatever you want.  They will also let you split toppings without an extra charge.  We decided to get half  “The Classic” and half the “Cadi and Blake – Pesto.”  They were almost the same – both had roasted chicken and tomatoes – but the Cadi and Blake pizza had mushrooms and artichokes, both of which Jason can live without.  (I know, what is he thinking?)

Palio’s is also BYOB, so you can bring a bottle of wine or some beer if you like and they have a section of the beverage station that has glasses and corkscrews so you can serve yourself.  It’s quite a nice setup.

I’m sure we will be returning to Palio’s in the future as it is a great addition to the above average scene of pizza and Italian food in town.

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